Development of India, Indian Railway Best Transportation

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Development of India, Indian Railway Best Transportation

Development of India

India is a country considered to be a state with great potential for foreign investors (a democracy, a highly skilled and very inexpensive workforce.

Since 1991, India has clearly developed. The living conditions of part of the population have improved. The opening of the Indian economy to globalization has given rise to a new middle class of 50 to 70 million people, who now have the means to consume, to have, for some, access to the property, or less to buy a vehicle to get around, a television, household appliances…

We can therefore say that the integration of India into globalization, by bringing about unprecedented growth in the country, has largely contributed to improving the well-being of many of its inhabitants. Indeed, growth has generated several million job creations.

India Improvement


Railways are an important mode of transport in India. Indian Railways (IR) is the main operator of railway operations nationwide, a state-owned organization of the Ministry of Railways which historically had its own government budget. Other local public companies operate various suburban and city railways throughout the country. In 2018-2019, 23.12 million passengers per day used the rail network of Indian Railways (IR), which operates commuter and mainline rail services in India.

Around 3.36 million tones of cargo were also shipped daily on the IR network. Other rail operations such as metros and tram will increase above the numbers. The Indian government has recently focused on improving the railways. This includes electrifying the entire IR network by 2023.

India’s rail network is the third largest in the world and the rail system is efficient, if not always on schedule. Tracks of more than 60,000 km make it possible to connect more than 7,500 stations, transporting nearly 20 million people every day. Although distances in India are long and Indian trains are not the best in the world, traveling on them can add a fascinating new dimension to a visitor’s experience.

There’s hardly a better way to befriend the locals and see India’s spectacular and diverse countryside. On many routes, railways are the fastest and cheapest way to get around.


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