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Don’t fear the future – jump into January 2023 and the new year buoyant, blissful, and braced for new beginnings. In your jewelry manufacture choices (or otherwise), let a willing suspension of disbelief set the tone.

This is the motto of Dwarka Jewel. Never be afraid of the future. Jump into creativity, fashion, and design. This is with this aspect that our business from three generations in Jaipur, India continues its creations with worldwide customers.

Dwarka Jewel

It is always difficult to find the words to express the love we have for a person or an element that is part of our life. The French language is nevertheless designated as one of the most romantic, as it is full of tender terms. Which would have been the most accurate to express all the affection that Maria Grazia Chiuri feels for India? We cannot say. The artistic director of Dior left words aside and preferred to express herself through clothing.


The Fall 2023 collection is built on details. Traditional motifs, flowers, references to the sahri, geometric shapes and an unwavering accent based on Indian decoration ranging from silver sequins and rhinestones to kaleidoscopic prints on pajamas, blouses and silk dresses. Among the references in the collection are also some clothes made in the 1950s by Marc Bohan – who at the time was invited by the Indian government as spokesperson for trade between France and India – but also Princess Gayatri Devi, a powerful and revolutionary woman who lived in the 20th century.


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