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Jaipur - Paradise of Jewelry Creation

Foreigners flock from all over the world to this city of Rajasthan to imagine and have their collections made. You will come across major brands and independent designers.

The Semi-Precious Stones of Jaipur

In addition to its many historical and cultural attractions, Jaipur is renowned for its ancestral craft: stone cutting. The great jewelers all meet in this city to exchange, sell or buy precious or semi-precious stones.

Everything is traded in small workshops in the city, and there is even a street market dedicated to the trading of precious stones. The stones sold in Jaipur come from all over the world in their raw state. They are then cut, then mounted on jewelry.

There are all kinds of stone shops in the pink city: small family shops where Indians come to choose their favorite stone and have it mounted in a ring or necklace for example. But also it is here that you can go to the biggest wholesalers of stone jewelry, whether silver or gold. Jewelry buyers can spend weeks choosing and negotiating their stones.

The price of the stones is negotiated according to the quality, the origin… and of course the supply and the demand. Jaipur specializes in cutting stones like Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Agate, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Topaz and Ruby.

Once these stones are made, they are used in the global luxury industry, as on more affordable silver jewelry. The number of artisan workshops continues to increase in Jaipur.

Stonework in Jaipur: A Traditional Craft

The art of the city’s craftsmen is unrivaled and creators must come and raise their stones in Jaipur since the city is full of artists with unprecedented know-how.

Indeed, craftsmanship is still very popular and the city hosts many small local workshops, with precise work and above all a perfection unattainable elsewhere. The work is manual, here no modern machines. Behind each jewel hides the meticulous and artistic work of a person.

Jaipur jewelry has a soul, it stands out from all other jewelry.

Here is a workshop for making silver jewelry with stones in Jaipur:

Stonework in Jaipur


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