Manufacturing and Importance of Gemstone – Dwarka Jewel

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India is where most handcrafted jewelry is made. Mainly in Rajasthan, entire villages, small craftsmen, and workshops like Dwarka Jewel have been working with silver and gold for many generations. It is also in Jaipur that more than 45% of the stones are cut with precious and semi-precious stones from all over the world. The Maharajas ordered sumptuous adornments and the Indian know-how is incomparable and inimitable.

Gemstone - Dwarka Jewel

A particular stone may be chosen for reasons other than just its appeal. According to Hindu astrology, each of the nine planets in the Hindu universe is represented by a specific stone. Every Indian knows the ruling planet at the time and date of their birth, as it is believed to exert a strong influence on that person’s life. From the most ancient times, gems have been perceived as divine signs and Indian jewelry has relayed them. You can discover the meanings of stones in our article about theirs virtues too.

Specialist in the field of Jewelry, we presented the story of Dwarka Jewel in our previous article. You now know that it is an integral part of the history of Rajasthan with its expertise in precious and semi-precious stones, but also with an ancestral knowledge.

To illustrate this, today we are sharing short videos on the factory to introduce you to the world of our factory.


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