Travelled to Jaipur at Jaipur Jewelry Show

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Jaipur Jewelry Show

I have traveled to Jaipur India many times over the last decade and witnessed tremendous changes there, including significant increases in its economic power and industrial development, and the emergence of women professionals. Accompanying these trends has been the rise of an incredible jewelry design and manufacturing industry.

At the August Jaipur jewelry show in Jaipur, I witnessed the full spectrum of Dwarka jewel jewelry design. And while viewing the styles on display at the show is very informative, to see them actually being worn by Indians helps you understand the jewelry’s cultural connection. Over the period of time, India has evolved as a major hub for jewelry wholesalers and importers, jewellery designers from around the globe.

As Jaipur has lot to offer which no other city/country offers . All kind of shapes and size of gem stone , one can customized the gems and make the jewellery sur -mesure.

We at dwarka Jewel thank maria for this valuable feed back.


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