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Our story - Ashok Goyal

SUSTAINABLE, quality jewelry manufacturing company for international jewelry brand and PRIVATE LABELS for over 40 years. Dwarka jewel is founded in Jaipur in 1978 and now exports to 21 different countries.

The company was launched by KL SARAF the grandfather of Ashok Goyal. Today is the 3rd generation as head of the company.

Jeweler from generation to generation, it is a practice that is passed down over the dacades.

Having become one of the most renowned manufacturers in the city thanks to its know-how, it now dresses major brands that are looking for meticulous work and an attentive team to carry out their projects.

KL Saraf writes the story of Dwarka when he sees the potential of his city and decides with a handful of craftsmen to make wedding jewelry in Jaipur. These jewels made adorned with precious stones then allow the fame of Dwarka. The great aristocratic families then scramble to obtain beautiful jewelry sets of these handmade jewels with a work of detail and unique aesthetics. This will even attract royal families seduced by the work and talent of the company.

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It was years later that Ashok, grandson of KL Saraf, took over the family business from his father Mr Dwarka Goyal who sadly passed away at the age of 39. Ashok decided then to name the company with is father name like a symbol of memory.

In order to give a new breath, more modernity and open up JDwarka internationally, he decided to travel to Europe and spent many years in Milan. There, he studied design, manufactering and worked at Monfardini in milan in Corco Monforte design and manufactering studio of Mr Monfardini brothers. He learns, gets inspired and imagines all he could bring to what is now his business. This is how he returns and innovates by bringing new techniques and sharing the knowledge he has acquired thank to his travel and work with reputed brands. Thanks to his initiatives, the company is growing day by day in view of the growing demand.

Today, Dwarka is able to make all styles of jewelry on demand, but also to offer its own creations. By seizing the opportunity to innovate in an expanding market, it now enables more than 350 people to work.

Since then, it is no longer just Jaipur that is jostling for the beautiful jewels of JDwarka but the countries of the world with partners in Spain, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Austria, New Caledonia, the United States, in England and even in Italy, a country that brings back many memories of Ashok.

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Big brands and even new brands come to Jaipur today to visit Ashok creating the collection for there brand and to do customized collections. curious to see how the raw materials and precious stones are worked.

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