Astro Lithotherapy : Cancer the Sign of the Moment

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The natives of June 21 to July 22 belong to the sign of Cancer, the 4th sign of the Zodiac whose constellation is linked to the myth of Hercules.

Symbolized by the crab in the shell accompanied by the emotional Cancer likes to withdraw, this astrological sign is governed by the element Water and the star of the Moon.

The Beautiful Qualities of Cancer Sign of Water

The Beautiful Qualities of Cancer Sign of Water

What characterizes the sign of Cancer, as a true sign of Water, is its extreme sensitivity. Emotions on edge, Cancerians derive a capacity for intuition that allows them to feel the world. This sometimes incredible intuition comes to them in particular from their empathetic and caring nature.

Cancer’s hypersensitivity sometimes pushes it to its limits. Not supporting conflict situations, he then has trouble controlling his anger. The result is a form of aggressiveness in difficult times.

Green Aventurine Lucky Stone For Cancer

Green aventurine is an ideal Cancer stone, whose virtues work on many aspects of this astrological sign. On her emotions, this beautiful stone of the heart chakra will help the Cancer woman to become aware of those who cross her and to understand them. A step back necessary to no longer be governed by this influx of powerful feelings.

Green aventurine, Cancer’s lucky stone, also supports the native of this sign in her love relationships, making them simpler and sweeter. This gem opens the heart to love and helps the astrological sign of Cancer to no longer live in the nostalgia of its own.

Green Aventurine Lucky Stone

The Moon Stone, The Birthstone of Cancer

The birthstone of June Cancer is the Moonstone, linked to the star to which this hypersensitive sign is attached. It is a crystal with beautiful color variations that still has the feeling of security that the sign of Cancer often lacks. Moonstone works on the positive emotions that characterize this Water sign: gentleness, sensitivity, harmony in love relationships. It is not the stone of femininity for nothing.

The Moon Stone

Which Cancer Stone to Choose to Soothe Your Hyersensitivity?

Labradorite, known as the stone of therapists, suits the natives of cancer by soothing their natural empathy. Between his own emotions and those of others, this astrological sign sometimes gets lost in an overflow of feelings that overwhelms him. Labradorite can thus help him to take the necessary step back.

Which Cancer Stone

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