What Materials for Your Jewelry: Gold, Silver or Brass Described by Dwarka jewel

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What materials for your jewelry gold silver brass

Dwarka Jewel offers the realization of your jewelry in gold, silver or brass. In order to know the different aspects and assist you in the choice of raw material, here is the description of each of them.

silver gemstone

Gold Jewelry

Gold is a noble metal that resists oxidation and corrosion caused by humidity. It is considered a precious metal for its rarity and high value. It is the most malleable of all precious metals and resists rust, corrosion, and tarnish. It is this durable and functional nature that has made it a favorite metal for jewelry makers over the centuries. Gold can also be melted down and reformed into new gold piece who making it reusable. The price of gold depends on a few key factors including the karatage or purity of the gold used, the current market value of gold, and craftsmanship and design.

Silver Jewelry

Silver is difficult to work with in its purest form. It is therefore often mixed with copper to make it more flexible. There are several types of silver metal, such as fine silver, sterling silver and plated silver. Like gold, silver is a precious metal, and it is also malleable. 99.9% pure silver is considered fine silver, but is generally too soft to be used in jewelry making. This is why fine silver is alloyed with copper to make sterling silver, or 925 silver, which makes up the bulk of silver jewelry purchased today. Finally silver plated, is made the same way as gold plated and is very inexpensive.

By adding copper to the silver, it hardens it and makes it more durable without affecting the color of the silver. However, the addition of copper also makes it prone to tarnishing over time, especially in humid conditions. A major advantage of silver jewelry is their price. This is because there is currently a much larger supply of silver than gold in the world.

Brass Jewelry

Another base metal, brass is made of an alloy of copper and zinc. The color of brass is yellow and is often used in jewelry.

Brass can tarnish over time, but one of the main motivations for jewelers to make brass jewelry is low cost. Indeed, if you prefer gold jewelry to silver jewelry, brass may be a good alternative.

Brass has been known since prehistoric times. It is used for the manufacture of jewelry, but also for decorative objects or in watchmaking. It is also found in some musical instruments.

Brass, also called “yellow copper“, is an alloy essentially composed of copper and zinc and gets its yellow color from that. It does not cause any contact allergy, so it is a metal widely used in costume jewelry.

Indeed, brass is much less expensive than many other precious metals. It can be used alone but also marry with other materials, such as copper or silver or gold.

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